Check out what some of our employees have to say about working in J Star Berhad!

It is rare for a returning staff whom had left and return. Little did I know that I would ever cross path again. And here I am working together with one of the great team in Jstar Berhad.

Jstar provides a great platform to it's employees to grow and creates multi-talented staffs in every way! Everyone in the firm is supportive and helpful through out the challenging times and I believe these are the great roots of being with Jstar Berhad.

Being back again, I am looking forward to contribute to the firm and would grow together with the firm to it's success!

Eugene Chee, Brand Manager.

Since joining J Star 2 years ago I’ve learned so many new things: colleagues taught me about the industry and shared their knowledge with me.

I will always be thankful to the people who believed in me and gave me this opportunity to grow, not only within the company but also as a person.

At J Star I have learned so much – I laughed, I cried, I faced challenges, and I also experienced very beautiful moments that will stay forever in my memory. Here’s to continuing my career at this exceptional company.

Emily Chong, HR Manager.

Though I may still be considered a fairly new employee in JStar, I'm definitely facing quite a number of challenges when handling my given task. Thankfully, my managers and colleagues are always ready to lend a helping hand and are patiently assist me to go through the challenge and complete my task.

I am truly thankful to be given this opportunity to learn more knowledge as I grow. I'm really happy to be working with a group of colleagues that knows how to make the best out of every situation. JStar with no doubts definitely practices a work-life balanced culture.

All in all, I have been given the opportunity to learn and progress on my career, which I'm truly grateful for. I will work harder and try my best to make my task perfect as I believe "Better work, Better life.

Bee Phoon, Marketing & Project Manager.