Gaming Solutions

Reach & connect with a global audience through powerful gaming solutions.

Intelligent & Efficient Distribution

With our resources and precise skills, we have created a strong and highly competent platform that hosts an enormous scale of online gaming products and content. Our efficient platform is reliable, scalable, and can be easily integrated to serve your business.

Smart & Predictive Content

Increase player engagement and enhance user experiences with a smart and predictive content delivery system. Anticipate a user’s needs — suggest products/content that may be of interest to them.

Insights & Analytics

Gain access to all relevant metrics and analytics. With the right tools and insights, monitoring performance and making the right decisions for your business have never been easier.

Download & Analytics

Stay on top of crucial metrics that help you make effective business decisions for your game delivery strategy. Gain highly flexible, customizable insights and visibility into the effectiveness of download performance.

Customer Relationship Management

Our gaming platform and solutions include powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and data engines that will allow operators to engage more effectively with their players. We are also capable of connecting and expertly integrating any existing third party CRM platforms that an operator may be already using, so business disruptions will never be an issue.

Flexible API & Content Integration

How J Star Berhad stands apart in the services it provides is the flexibility of its API, which gives operators complete control over their desired content. Operators can combine or mix-and-match a myriad of products offered by multiple leading game providers — our highly skilled team will ensure that all integrations to any operator, any platform, or any wallet will always be smooth and seamless.

Choose from a dizzying range of thousands of desktop and mobile games, such as exclusive slot games, table games, virtual games, and more.