We are driven to lead the iGaming industry and pursue continuous growth while simultaneously creating epic and memorable entertainment experiences.


To create outstanding experiences, solutions and sustainable business operations with our partners and clients that bring healthy lifestyle and benefits to our people. Creating superior value for our shareholders and rewarding opportunities for our employees to express their valuable skills & experiences.

“We take our Vision, Mission & Values to heart!

Our entire team from the Board of Directors to the people on the ground floor who breathe life into our comfortable office, J Star with the objective of achieving our Mission and Vision.

With our determination serve our value as a circuit for our response and outline how our company will perform in the world.”


J Star’s culture embodies the principles and beliefs that have guided the organization throughout the years.

These values are ingrained in our culture — they are reflect in our employees’ daily actions and decisions.

Our success in creating positive iGaming experiences is the basis of everything we do; it is the ideal and goal that every discipline within the Company strive towards.

" Most people agree..

first impression is important

but lasting impression is everything. "


  • Our definitive commitment isn’t just in the end product of an epic gaming experience, but also extends to every aspect of our job.
  • We undertake each project with precision and determination, no exceptions made. We also seek honest and unbiased feedback to help us improve.
  • In our business, first impressions are important, but continuously sustaining good impressions is also our end goal.
  • In our interactions with business partners, colleagues, and players, we strive to preserve high levels of respect and integrity for all.
  • Every employee is encouraged to speak up as well as listen and be respectful of others’ opinions.
  • J Star is the success it is today thanks to the voices of our players and each member of the Company.